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Frequently asked

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These arts are designed specifically to evoke positivity in the viewer and heal emotions.

Emotions play a very significant role in the formation of one’s attitudes and actions. Interaction with effective arts can evoke emotional responses which can help one evolve and attain one’s original state of being, which is to be one with nature, almost like wiping off dust from a mirror.

Studio smitamoksh aims to address this very issue by applying design consciousness empowered by traditional wisdom, to bring back the true and original sync between man and nature through its art. We call this process परिकल्पन योग (Parikalpan yog).

All STUDIOsmitamoksh products are based on concepts developed from traditional wisdom, research and creativity, combined with precise machine work and intensive hand crafting of different materials with wood.

Depending upon the complexity of Art, execution time varies from one to six months. Sometimes during rainy weather extra time is required. Additional time is also required in some cases to maintain creativity and quality.

Get in touch with us over a call or WhatsApp and we will share the latest product catalogue including size and price specifications.

We regularly exhibit our selected artworks in various events and shows across the country. Visit us in the upcoming exhibitions to see the artworks in person. Visit at Ahmedabad Gallery can be made with prior appointment

STUDIOsmitamoksh follows a system approach and an in-house developed design process called ‘965 theory’ which is based on the fusion of Emotions, Expressions and Experiences.

It requires a thorough research, based on which a holistic evolution of the art works and products happens. Therefore, in case of customization, only a Concept Layout can be presented before execution. At no point any visual or simulation can resemble the final outcome.

Development of new concepts can be done only once the buyer is in pre-acceptance of the style of STUDIOsmitamoksh artworks and products.

All artworks are based on Vedic principles and rasa theory therefore alteration in colours, motifs and proportions is not possible however resizing is possible to some extent in certain artworks.

Get in touch with us to know more about customization of the artworks.

Our products are crafted with solar seasoned and recycled wood, threads, beads and various fabrics. Natural variation of grains and colours are not defects, but a confirmation that genuine solid wood is used. Lot-to-Lot variation in colours of threads and fabrics is possible.

Recycled exotic woods like Burma teak occasionally have nails and repair marks, which are neatly finished and carefully integrated in our design language.

The best way to select an artwork is to spend at least 30 seconds on each art work in the catalogue viewed on a bigger screen. It is possible that the art based on a particular emotion may catch more attention. That particular art can be useful in healing imbalance of those emotions in the viewer who is viewing it more frequently.

Selection can be made from the latest catalogue. Size and Prices are mentioned in the catalogue. Buyers can communicate their selection by sharing name or image through message or email.

Images shown in the catalogue are studio photographs in controlled light conditions. Minor perceptive variation may occur in colours and textures of the real artwork.

Any damage to the final product in transport is more of an emotional loss than monitory, as each product is an investment of not only materials and processes but a lot of passionate involvement and hand skills of multiple dedicated artisans. At our end, we pay special attention to packaging.

Multiple layers of drop resistant, thick expanded polyethylene (aka EPE foam) sheet is used, securing all sides and corners of products. Plywood reinforcement is also used in certain products. Inspection of the packaging before dispatch is the buyer’s responsibility.

For successful completion of orders, buyers are requested to participate and use their resources in arranging the safe transport. In case the buyer is not able to arrange any means of transport, we can help in shipping with payment of charges as per actual. Our responsibility ceases once product moves out of our Premises.

The buyer can also purchase transit insurance with the transport agency.

Wall arts come with hardware to hang on the screws or hooks on walls. For heavier artworks it is advisable to use carpenter’s services for safe and accurate hanging.

Overexposure to Sun and moisture should be avoided.
Dusting to be done with a feather or light blower.
Soft brush should be used for creasing suede fabric grains in one direction.

All artworks are for internal use only.