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Paarijat Aagaman

Shree series
Based on raga Lalit


Size : 8’ x 6’


Paarijaat aagaman is a concoction of a mix of emotions that not only quenches but also enriches the emotions of courage, surprise, compassion and romance. The knowledge of the fact that Krishna has courageously won the war over Indra and the paarijaat, tree of heaven is arriving in Dwaarka, instills the emotion of miraculous awe and amazement. 

The gently blowing flowers falling like rain makes the seer melt with compassion in disbelief over the sheer grace that the lord has bestowed upon earth. The entire picturesque moment makes all the senses of the beholder swell with romance, fascination and enchantment.


भक्ति, प्रेम, करुणा और वीर रस के विशिष्ट मिश्रण पर आधारित पारिजात आगमन पृष्ठभूमि में जपयोग का सहज चित्रांकन करता है।