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Swarasya swaroopam series
Based on raga Lalit and raga Ahir Bhaira


Size: 12′ x 6′


Devaranya is a relief as well as a healthy dose to the emotions of hope and gratitude. It is an artwork that facilitates awakening, enlightenment, satisfaction and contentment. It also triggers a sudden devotion and outburst of prayer that arises out of a sudden revelation or an unexpected witnessing of something that was much longed for with deep desperation. 

It is like a balm to the tired longing soul that has been long thirsty for the divine nectar of knowledge and grace.


पूर्वाह्न के रागों से प्रेरित देवारण्य शांत, आशा, जागृति एवं परम बोध के भावों का प्रतिरूपण करने का एक प्रयास है।