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based on raag Bhairav
Swarasya Swaroopam series


Size : 2’ 5” x 2’ 5”


सौरभ का फैला केश-जाल,

करतीं समीरपरियां विहार;

गीलीकेसर-मद झूम झूम,

पीते तितली के नव कुमार;

 – महादेवी वर्मा


Here the poetess, Mahadevi Verma, renders a vivid description of the early morning appearance of the sun and its light on water, flowers and butterflies.

In continuation of Raga Bhairav, the raga of early mornings, peace and tranquility, this artwork aims to represent that morning hope and devotion.

The first rays of sunlight are caught on the lotus petals, enlightening and extending peace to the immediate environment and the viewers.

Handcrafted from solar seasoned teak wood and embellished with hand embroidery and hand painting on a backdrop of raw silk.


अरुणोदय, करुणा, आशा, नवीनता, प्रारंभ, शांत, स्थिर एवं जागृति के भावों को उद्वेलित करने में सक्षम, भैरव राग से प्रेरित है।