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Akaash Ganga

Shree series
Based on Raga Lalit


Size: 6′ 6″ x 6′ 6″


सुनता है गुरु ज्ञानी

(the wise one listens)

गगन मे आवाज हो रही

(the sound in the universe)

झीनी झीनी झीनी

(subtle, very subtle)

पहिले आये नाद बिन्दु से पीछे

(first came energy matter)

जमया पानी पानी हो जी

(then water was stablized)

सब घट पूरण पूर रह्या है

(everyone is being filled)

अलख पुरुष निर्बाणी हो जी

(by unseen worldless person)

गगन मन्डल में गौ बियानी

(in the dome of sky cow is giving birth)

भुई पे दही जमाया जमाया

(curd jelled on the earth)

माखन माखन सन्तों ने खाया

(the saints eat butter)

छाछ जगत वपरानी हो जी

(rest of the world gets whey)

– Kabir

Poetry is second to music in the hierarchy of the six royal arts, and is a very profound medium of expression of human emotions. With an abundance of literature from many learned people  that have contributed to our rich heritage, their expression of their knowledge, it is essential for us to take reference of this treasure and make it available to the masses in a visual form, so that it can be sensed and inspire them to work towards their enlightenment, evolution and growth. It is with this intent that Kavya roop series has been created.


मिथ्या के प्रपंच और भय से निकलकर आत्म बोध एवं शांति के रस को रूपित करता आकाशगंगा कबीर जी की सहज ज्ञान शैली पर आधारित है।